Read Across America Day

When you think of the month of March many people think of St. Patrick's Day, the Ides of March, shamrocks, luck, pots of gold, and maybe even collegiate basketball tournaments. All of these are awesome things in March! But did you know that March is National March into Literacy Month too? It is! March 2, 2017 is National Read Across America Day. If you are not familiar with March into Literacy Month and National Read Across America Day, here are some interesting and cool things you should know!

  1. National Education Association started Read Across America in May 1997 as an annual reading and awareness program. The program calls for all children, in every community, to celebrate through reading on March 2 every year.
  2. March 2 was deemed Read Across America Day because it was Dr. Seuss' birthday.
  3. National Education Association provides members, parents, children, and caregivers the activities and resources needed to keep America reading every day of the year.
  4. According to the NEA's website, the purpose of Read Across America is to motivate children to read because the importance of reading is a major factor in a student's achievement. Research has shown that the children who are motivated and spending more time reading, ultimately do better in school.

So what can you do to participate in Read Across America Day and March into Literacy Month? Here are some ideas:

  1. Go to your local library with your children and family, check out books, talk to a librarian, and read!
  2. Spend time as a family reading books aloud to each other. Your children are never too young to be read to.
  3. Be an example- let your children see you reading.
  4. Start a book club.
  5. Volunteer at the local library.
  6. Download McGraw-Hill's Grammar Wonderland app (it usually costs $2.99- however it is free now!!). It is highly rated and is an interactive way for kids to expand their knowledge.
  7. Come visit us at the Shenandoah Heritage Market! Our different vendors have books new and old! From cookbooks to kids' books, there is something for everyone to read!

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