How to save money with a repurposed headboard

Your home is your sanctuary. The bedroom is the revitalizing spot in your sanctuary. It is where you relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. So, why not make this space unique to you? Start with a unique and custom headboard, which you can make on your own, in your spare time, and (the best part) save money!

Take a short drive on Route 11 south from Harrisonburg and make a stop at the Shenandoah Heritage Market. This is the place to start! The Shenandoah Heritage Market has many vendors that have exactly what you need for a fun, custom DIY project for spring. The Antique Barn is a great starting point. Among the many treasures inside the Antique Barn, you will be able to find records, old signs, postcards, tin items, jewelry, wall hangings, furniture, and so much more! Sew Classic Fabric is the place to go for your fabric needs! They have a giant selection of fabrics- there is a color and pattern for everyone! The Kitchen Kupboard has many items that could be used to create something new, add an updated touch to an older piece, and items to accessorize your kitchen DIY projects with. The wooden furniture found at Daudy's Place are beautiful pieces on their own, but at the same time are items that you could easily customize to give it your own personal touch. There are unique items within each of the vendors at the Market.

If you are a beginner in the DIY world, or if you are just looking for a simple, yet fresh update to a bedroom, we really enjoyed making this headframe made from old shutters. If you like this project here are some additional items that could be used for the headboard. Remember to stop by the Shenandoah Heritage Market and check the inventory of our vendors for your next DIY project.

Additional Headboard Item Ideas:

  • Old Wooden Doors
  • Shutters
  • Picture Frames
  • Stenciled Wall Art
  • Wood Trimmed Windows
  • Pallets
  • Serving Platters
  • Padded Headboards

Making It Happen:

Use the ideas above to help determine your starting material.

If needed, sand down the material to be used for the headboard and prime, paint, stencil, pad, antique it however you like! Be creative and express yourself! After all, this is your headboard, your room, and your masterpiece!

After the headboard has had adequate time to dry (if needed) then it's time to decorate further. Ideas: for an antiqued or vintage look, lightly scuff the headboard with sandpaper. For a more modern look, polyurethane the headboard to give it some sheen. If it is a padded headboard, use shiny, metallic decorations to provide the modern look, or mix and match for a shabby chic piece!

Mount the headboard onto the wall using nails 3" to 4" in length, so that the board is properly supported and braced into the studs in the wall.

Below is an example of a headboard made out of repurposed shutters. They were originally bright red, but 3 different colors of spray paint were used to give it the look it has now. The vendors in the Shenandoah Heritage Market also have many home décor items including primitives and antiques to really set off your spring DIY home projects!

Repurposed Headboard