Antique Barn

Nestled along Route 11, in Harrisonburg, VA, amongst windmills, you will find the Shenandoah Heritage Market. An eclectic market of different shops, where there is something for everyone.

Amongst the shops in the Market, is the Antique Barn. The Antique Barn is not your typical antique store. The shop is filled with different vendors boasting antique goods from about every decade you can imagine.

Upon entering the Shenandoah Heritage Market, you are greeted with some of the goods from the Antique Barn, particularly beautiful antique furniture, which varies in style and age. This furniture would be an asset to any home and the pieces vary from sets to individual items with a vast array of purposes.

Walking into the shop itself, shoppers are greeted by a sparkling glass display of antique jewelry, with rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, and so much more. Items range from gold to silver, diamond to gemstones. There are so many classic pieces, it would be hard to choose from!

Walking through the Antique Barn shoppers can choose from antique furniture from many vendors, with the assortment ranging from every decade and style you could possibly imagine. The pieces are magnificent in and of themselves, but for the DIYer's out there, this is like your heaven on earth.

If glassware is your thing, there are many glass pieces to oogle over. Sets of china, vases, decorative pieces, old Mason jars, canning jars, sculptures- the list of all the glass items is endless. Each is time warp, taking you back through the decades and something to definitely check out.

Tucked towards the center of the shop, a booth displays a train collection like no other. Different colors, styles and models are neatly lined on shelves throughout the booth. These would make a great addition to any train collection, or start a new tradition with your family and set up a train set underneath your Christmas tree.

One wall of the Antique Barn is even riddled with cast iron skillets of all sizes. These would be great for decoration on a hearth or even better yet, grab one to use for your fall and holiday baking.

No matter what you are looking for, there's a great possibility you will find it at the Shenandoah Heritage Market, especially those vintage, classic items at the Antique Barn.

October 13, 2016

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